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Why does my business need a website?
Today nearly everybody has access to the Internet, both consumer and business customers. Now more than ever it is essential for a company to have a good website.
An information outlet, you can provide all your customers with all your sales information quickly and easily. Customer understanding of a product is often the key to its sale.
Order gateway, a good website can help bring in a lot of new sales. By going the whole way and accepting credit card orders, or perhaps just offering 'how to order' instructions.
Customer support, providing helpful online post sale support to customers often ensures their satisfaction. This will generate repeat business and new recommendations.
New business, websites are accessible from anywhere in the world. Using search engines new customers will discover you. This is basically unlimited free advertising.
Cost savings, no longer will you have to send customer's leaflets and waste your time answering the same old questions on the phone. Just let your customers know about the website and most of them will be only too happy to help themselves to the information they want.
Word of mouth, normally people just remember your company name, rarely your telephone number as well. Website addresses are often easy to remember and useful for people to recommend your business with.
Why should I choose DigiSoft Solutions to develop my website?
Free onsite design consultation. Our service starts with an onsite visit. We'll talk to you about your company; it's products and services. Using this information we can explain what benefits a website will bring. We'll also answer all your questions about the Internet.
Then the design process starts. We've developed jargon free methods for guiding you through the whole process. Using clear illustrations we'll show you possible pages that you might require. We'll also talk you through the 'look and feel' options with example websites.
We can then give you a quote, and agree a time frame for development if you decide to go ahead. This all happens in one visit, leaving you free to get on with running your business.
Helpful and easy to use. It doesn't matter how wonderful and complex your website is, if your customers can't easily use it they will soon get fed up and perhaps go elsewhere. We want your customers to enjoy visiting your site and find all the information they require quickly and easily. Our clear site navigation makes this possible.
Clear designs, professional looking. It's amazing how people perceive organisations from using their websites alone. Large professional companies with the wrong website can appear small and unattractive. Equally if you're a growing company a good website can make all the difference to your clients opinions of your products and services. We'll always work hard to make your site stand out. .
Expandability. The way we develop your website will allow for expansion, whereas many sites would have to be rewritten to add new features. You could add online ordering, site searching, password protected support and much more. If your company changes it's corporate look we can rebrand your whole website relatively quickly.
The complete solution. We offer a complete solution, from the design of relatively simple websites right through to complex database driven websites that offer advanced online ordering. Of course we also set up your domain name, web hosting and email address
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