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Just as computers are indispensable today- both in the work environment and at home, E-commerce is also becoming increasingly indispensable for businesses as well as for consumers.
It is almost an unwritten law now - if a business has to remain in competition they need to be in E-commerce. Whether it means interacting with your customers or with your business associates, E-commerce is inevitable. It is crucial for every business to understand how the Internet is going to change its industry, and then include E-commerce as part of its business strategy. The reasons for adopting E-commerce are obvious.
Increased Customer Base
Without question, the Internet is a global media. You can reach customers anywhere in your city, town, country or the whole world. Amazingly, you can reach potential customers and sell online anywhere in the world without spending a fortune to promote your business, as in the case of any other traditional media.

Quick Response Time
Information is critical in today's business environment. But the Speed at which you can communicate the Information is even more critical. And that is exactly what E-commerce does! With E-commerce, you can respond to your customers and inform them of the changes taking place in your business INSTANTLY, and at an INSIGNIFICANT COST. For example, in the case of launching a new product, you could be spending many days and a lot of money to get the promotional material designed, printed and mailed. But with E-commerce you have the means to update your information and deliver it to your customers at a touch of a few buttons and at a fraction of the cost thru internet or multimedia.

Increased Efficiency & Lower Costs
As you may well know - Printed company literature can get outdated very quickly. Comparatively, E-commerce offers a very economical and convenient way of constantly updating your information and keeping in touch with who-ever you are interacting with. E-commerce makes Customer Relationship Management more effective and reduces the cost of implementing it. Your customers do not have to call your office and wait in a queue for someone to answer their call with a list of technical specifications, prices and options. Thru internet based services, all the information will be in front of them, which they can read and understand at their own convenience. For any questions that they might have, they can ask you online for a quick answer. This would also minimize the need for expensive telephone sales or customer service operations. It also frees up your valuable staff from mundane jobs to perform more productive tasks.

More Convenience for your Customers
This way for your valuable customers, your business will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! They can communicate with you, shop or avail your services any time of the day or night. Your business operations will not be restricted to the conventional working hours. Your business operations can also be integrated in such a manner that many processes can be automated. These tasks can be carried out even when your office is closed.

'E-B2B' - Business to Business E-commerce
E-commerce is not just about selling or providing services to the end consumer (e-B2C). It is also a much more effective way to interact with your suppliers, corporate customers and other business associates. For example, your entire Buying Process or Supply Chain Management can be automated, resulting in massive cost savings and attaining a very high level of efficiency at the same time. E- Governance, another off-shoot of this concept where-in all Government departments work in tandem to resolve various issues making its working more transparent and efficient.
DigiSoft Solution's E-commerce Solutions at a Glance:
  Complete turnkey E-commerce solution for your E-business.
  B2B Solutions - Complete turnkey solutions for your Buying Process or Supply Chain   Management.
  B2C Solutions - Store Builder Software with provision of unlimited products (if   required).
  Secure order and payment processing via popular payment gateways.
  Password-protected store management.
  Fully integrated with our Web Hosting and E-mail services.
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